Celebrating Hanukkah at Fort Tryon

Here at Fort Tryon, we embrace diversity. And when we embrace diversity, it also means embracing the culture and heritage of our residents. As the holiday season approached us, we’ve prepared to celebrate different festivities; one of which was Hanukkah. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday which spans 8 days. It’s also known as the festival of lights as it remembers the rededication of the second Jewish temple in Jerusalem. The heart of Hanukkah lies during the eight nights when people light up the menorah, one candle per night.

Here at Fort Tryon, our residents were able to experience a different kind of Hanukkah celebration. A preschool decided to come and visit us and do a small presentation. With them was a Jewish entertainer, who kept our residents amused with songs and stories that told of this festive Jewish Holiday.

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