Serving the community

Fort Tryon Center for Rehab and Nursing is a community minded, multicultural organization, open to people of all backgrounds. Multilingual staff is on hand to help you communicate in your preferred language.

There are regular visits from local neighborhood residents and school children. Recreational activities include spending time outdoors, and soaking in the grand views of the local neighborhood right from our large terrace.

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Hispanic Community

Fort Tryon Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation is proud to provide special services to accommodate the Hispanic community. Several members of our staff are Hispanic and will speak to you and your loved on in dialectal Spanish, creating a comfortable and familiar environment for you and your loved ones. There is no need to worry if you can’t speak English as most of our staff are bilingual and will translate anything from English to Spanish or vice versa. Being able to speak your own language with staff and other patients makes residents feel welcome and comfortable here.

All staff are trained in cultural sensitivity toward the Spanish community and we respect your specific needs, recognizing that they may be different from other residents. To accommodate our Hispanic resident’s food choices, we have a Hispanic Chef who regularly serves traditional Hispanic foods. Additionally, our Recreations director provides cultural activities that are popular in the Hispanic community. We also offer special Hispanic entertainment and programming including Spanish movies and Spanish TV.

We believe that a resident’s native culture is important and should be accommodated. We therefore do whatever we can do help residents enjoy a cultural environment similar to home. At Fort Tryon Center, Hispanic resident’s have the opportunity to maintain a connection with their former lifestyle and culture.

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Jewish Community

Fort Tryon Center is proud to be the only Glatt Kosher certified healthcare facility in Manhattan and offers a variety of services to benefit our Jewish residents. As our facility serves as a homes away home, we believe that the continuity of our resident’s religious practices is their right and helps them through recovery by providing a strong sense of familiarity and comfort.


We are certified Kosher by the Vaad Harabanim of Queens and have a mashgiach on premises daily. We offer many Cholov Yisroel products and only serve Glatt Kosher meat. Our Chef prepares culturally Jewish cuisine for during Shabbos and Yom Tov Holidays.

Daily Minyanim

There are 3 minyanim daily throughout the week and on Shabbos and Jewish holidays. The daily minyanim are enhanced by the presence of visitors from the neighborhood, giving our residents an additional opportunity to socialize with locals. The minyan schedule is as follows: Sunday – Friday Shacharis: 8:00 am Sunday – Friday summer- Mincha and Mariv: 7:00 pm (call for winter zmanim) Shabbos Shacharis: 9:15 am


There is a special atmosphere on Shabbos at Fort Tryon. The Shabbos meals are served along with the regular traditional foods you are accustomed to back home. Every Saturday afternoon there is an Oneg Shabbos which is augmented by local boys and girls from the local yeshivas.

Shabbos Arrangements

Fort Tryon is equipped with special Shabbos entrances and Shabbos elevators to serve the Jewish community.

Family members who wish to be with their loved ones over Shabbos and Jewish holidays and are unable to travel home are welcome to stay at our beautifully Bikur Cholim room. This room is located nearby and is fully equipped with everything you need.. Fresh bedding and towels are provided, and the kitchen is fully stocked with snacks and drinks. Reservations must be made in advance with your resident’s caseworker.


At Fort Tryon, your loved one will experience the Jewish holidays in an uncompromised fashion. On Passover, our facility becomes kosher for Passover, serving strictly non gebrochts and on Sukkos we build a huge, lovely suka on our beautiful terrace with local families joining us for the meals.

Bikur Cholim

Throughout the week and especially on Shabbos, students and volunteers from local yeshivas and Bikur Cholim add an energetic presence to our halls, bringing joy and smiles to our residents.