Kooking with Karen at Fort Tryon

Happy New Year! 2019 has just begn, and we kicked-off the year with exciting activities for our residents.

One of those events is the eagerly anticipated “Kooking with Karen”. During this activity, residents learned how to cook Garlic and Oil Pasta, make their own Garlic Bread, and enjoyed eating it afterwards.

By letting our residents engage in these types of activities, especially cooking, it helps them learn a new skill and it also rekindles their childhood memories. Cooking also brings people together and inspires creativity.

The residents loved eating their pasta agli olio, and their homemade garlic bread! Each resident added the right amount of garlic to their breads to suit their own tastes.

What a way to start to the year! There are lots more fun and exciting activities planned for 2019 – so stay tuned for more.

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