The daily rates charged by the facility for residency and services, detailed (updated annually by April 1 of each year)  Semiprivate and private rooms: $440  

Services include: room and meals, general nursing care, personal care, recreation, medical records, housekeeping, linen, phone, TV)
All owners of the facility (notify DOH and update this information within 30 days of any change or transaction affecting ownership)  Webster, Helen:    Webster, Moshe:    Webster, Benjamin:    Webster, Yecheskel:    Webster, Boruch:    Nakdimen, Shelly:   
The name and business address of any landlord of the facility  Colen and Associates, 59 East 54th Street NY NY 10022
A summary of all contracts for goods and services for which the facility pays with any portion of Medicaid or Medicare funds, or any other agreement entered into by the facility, within 30 days of execution of the agreement or contract  Lund Fire Products Alarms/Electrical Tikvah Security Alarms/Electrical Top Security Alarms Alarms/Electrical Wound Healing Technologies Clinical Coretactics Inc. Consultation Greater New York Consultation Jamma Consulting Consultation Onyx Healthcare Solutions Consultation Prionsafe,LLC Consultation Zimmet Healthcare Consultation Pharmacon Corp Consultation Dentserv Dental Svc. Dental Centers Laboratory LLC Diagnostic Testing Patient Care Assoc In Diagnostic Testing Siparadigm LLC Diagnostic Testing Power House Generators Electrician Matrixcare EMR Kimtech Services Llc Equipment Maintenance Building Water Sampling S Facility Maintenance Rosewood Fire Equip. Fire Safety Safety Fire Sprinkler Fire Safety Bluemark, Llc Food Service On Time Hood Cleaning Inc Food Service Bertram, S. Inc Food Supplies Duso Food Distributing Food Supplies Westside Meats Food Supplies Rabaskin Food Supplies Dagim Food Supplies Allscripts Healthcare IT A Heating Inc. Heating/Plumbing Apploi HR Mcnamara & Associates HR OnShift Inc. HR Hi Cool Inc HVAC Geico Insurance Language Line Service Interpretation Herb Olitsky Consult. IT Razor Clicks IT Spectrum IT Privatell IT Gerimenu CBORD IT N.k.r. Laundry Inc Linen Unitex Linen/Laundry Medical Gases Medical Gas Centers For Care Health P Medical Insurance Iron Mountain Medical Records Oxford Health Plan (Unite Medical/Dental Insurance Sun Life & Health Medical/Dental Insurance Mg Group Oxygen Vaad Harabonim Queens Pastoral Target Pest Control LI Script, LLC Pharmacy Dynalink Phone Healthtrak Purchasing All American Premier Staffing Five Star Staffing Service Staffing NPORT Therapy (VTA) Staffing Rehab Alternatives Staffing Towne Nursing Staff, Inc Staffing White Glove Placement, In Staffing Approved Storage Storage Redmount – Supplies Seniorcare Ems Inc. – Transportation 1199 Seiu Union Fees Con Edison Utility Boro Wide Recycling Corp. Waste Management Evergreen Waste Corp. – C Waste Management