October Events at Fort Tryon

We’ve finally hit the month of October and this month is full of exciting activities for our residents. By letting our residents engage in activities, they gain so many health benefits; one of which is the improvement of cognitive functions. Cognitive functions are cerebral activities which lead to knowledge, the means and mechanisms of acquiring information. In simpler words, these are daily brain activities that help us with the most simplest task to the most complex.

One of the activities for the month of October is Group Drumming. Group Drumming actually has health benefits as well, and our residents benefit from it! Drumming in a group releases endorphins, enkephalins and Alpha waves in the brain, which are associated with a general positive feeling. Aside from that, it also induces relaxation and reduces chronic pain. Aside from Group Drumming and other activities, we will also have a Halloween Bash at the end of the month!

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