September Events at Fort Tryon

This month is filled with entertaining activities for our residents. Social activities are of the utmost importance for a variety of health benefits; which include the delay and prevention of certain diseases and lessening chronic pain. By letting our residents interact with one another, it allows them to build a social and emotional connection with one another, an extremely important aspect in one’s life. The personnel of Fort Tryon is fully equipped and trained to assist our residents with the activities planned for the month of September.

We start the month off with everyone’s favored game, BINGO! At Fort Tryon, BINGO is played every other day as it helps with hand-eye coordination, boosts cognitive skills as well as allows our residents to socialize with one another. Throughout the month, we also have some musical sessions planned with different musicians. Music sessions aid our residents psychologically, making them have a more happier outlook in life and reduces and tensions and anxiety. We also have some musical drumming sessions, as well as tai chi for our residents. To fulfill any spiritual needs, we hold the Holy Rosary and Oneg Shabbat for our Jewish residents.

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