Why Extra Care Is Needed While In Amputee Rehab?

If you are one of the hundreds of Americans with a recent lower extremity amputation, you not only want a reputable rehabilitation center but one that responds to your personal needs with specialized care to rapidly restore your independence. Many amputees who have utilized our center describe us just that way. Here’s why…

You Are Our Focus

We recognize that amputee rehabilitation holds challenges. Our rehabilitation specialists begin where you are – to understand your emotional and social concerns, your current limitations, your priorities, and answer your questions. A treatment plan is then mutually developed to address your key personal concerns and highlight how your individualized program will help restore confidence, regain independence and optimize mobility.

Primary Elements of Amputee Rehabilitation

Fort Tryon’s rehabilitation program is one of the most comprehensive in the region. Combining medical care, nursing, social work and rehabilitation therapies with state of the art technologies and education, we assure that all aspects related to your rehabilitation are fully addressed. This includes management of wounds to reduce the risk of infection. Our collaborative wound care program blends physician oversight with wound therapy, advanced wound treatment technology, ongoing monitoring, pain management, nutrition management and long term preventive care.

We engage orthopedic rehabilitation to identify and resolve matters pertaining to bone, muscle, tendons and their supporting soft tissue to stabilize and promote proper body posture and mechanics. Our experienced Physical and Occupational Therapists work closely with you and your doctor to set realistic and achievable goals.

We teach exercises and instruct you on various limb positions to prevent injuries and contractures; these exercises also strengthen muscles in the affected limb in preparation for its use with a prosthetic.

The Fort Tryon Difference

What makes our rehab program stand out emerges from the expertise and optimistic approach of our professionals and support staff that translates into an overall positive experience for patients. Our rehabilitation center is supervised by our resident physician specializing in physical rehabilitation. Additionally, our director of physical therapy holds a doctorate in her discipline. Their collective guidance creates the kind of respectful yet motivating atmosphere conducive to achieving excellent patient outcomes. Each department’s staff is committed to assuring your complete satisfaction through high value standards and customer service interactions, whatever your length of stay.

Prosthetic training is at the core of our unique approach. Our rehab therapists help you learn to use your prosthesis for all the daily functions and tasks you want to accomplish – walking, climbing stairs, standing – and do so with comfort and confidence. Our in-house prosthetist, Bill Powers, from Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, works with our amputees and residents in need of prosthetic and orthotic devices and makes adjustments as needed for proper fitting through his weekly clinic. As you progress, instruction is given to address residual limb swelling and skin tenderness to minimize development of pressure sores or infection. We also consult with with your vascular surgeon so that issues such as poor leg circulation or painful or weak legs are monitored and addressed.

Approaching your amputee rehabilitation with the respect, sensitivity and professionalism you desire and deserve, Fort Tryon provides extra care to go the extra step with you.

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