5 things to do on Senior Citizens Day- August 21st

In 1988, August 21st was declared National Senior Citizen’s Day by President Reagan. The day is meant to honor the senior citizens in our lives, who have given us love and shared their wisdom, helping us become the people we are now.

There are many ways you can celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day with your loved ones.

Learn from them

Grandparents can be a source of great knowledge, so why don’t you spend some time learning from them. An excellent way to have fun is to take part in an activity they enjoy, that you can learn from them. For example, golf, cooking, fishing, knitting. Depending on their activity level, you can plan a day that will be fun-filled for both of you.

Take board games to them

Why not take some board games with you to play with them, and spend some time hanging out? You can even ask their friends to join in and play with you. Group board games – like Pictionary – will allow you to include those senior citizens whose families couldn’t visit them.

Help them with their chores

Plan a day where you help with their chores. You can help grocery shop for them, take the dog out for a walk, mow their lawn or anything they need to be done. This is a chance for you to give back to them for all the times they took care of you. Extend this offer to senior citizens neighbors as well, as they could also use a hand.

Start a family tree

A great way to learn all about your family’s history is to create a family tree. Involving your grandparents and great-aunts is a wonderful way to learn, while also keeping them engaged as they talk about their youth and your parent’s childhood. Ask to look at pictures and mementos, and help them relive their glory days while you learn all about your heritage.

Think outside your own family

Don’t be limited to considering just your relatives. Talk to your local senior care facility, and ask if you can volunteer there for the day, or spend some time with senior citizen neighbors. There are many senior citizens whose families live too far away to visit, and they would appreciate spending time with someone on this special day too.

You can plan activities based on whether you will be spending time with a group (board games, group outings) or an individual (run errands, take them to a movie).

Senior Citizens Day can be a great opportunity to bond with the older generation, so take some time out to plan a special day for them at Fort Tryon!

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