Promoting Better Movement with the Chair Balance Class (Alexander Technique)

Fort Tryon believes in promoting our residents to become as independent as possible. We encourage, and work with our residents to gain better mobility and freedom of movement.

That is why one of the regular activities at Fort Tryon is a Chair Balance Class with the Alexander Technique. The goal of this activity is to help the residents feel more safe in their movements.

Residents are taught to decrease their risk of falling, expand their ability to balance, and to move with increased comfort and ease.

Participants are guided through a variety of daily life activities – such as moving in and out of a chair or walking. They also learn the importance of resting the back and how to do it properly.

These exercises also makes them more active and increases the residents’ ability to become more independent.

This gentle hands-on exercise teaches self-care to our residents with the goal of improving their coordination, balance, and overall quality of life.

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