Home Health Care

In Home Services include:

  • Administering Medication
  • 24 hour medical care in your home after discharge from the hospital following an operation or accident
  • Influenza (flu) shots
  • Skilled nursing
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Medical social services
  • Patient and family education
  • Wound care
  • Cardiac pulmonary care


  • Personal care services (bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.)
  • Bowel and bladder program
  • Diabetic teaching and care
  • Anticoagulant monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Medication management
  • Infusion therapies
  • Tracheotomy care
  • Ventilator care
  • Catheter care
  • Central line and port maintenance and management


Our in home health program is designed to care for patients with specific medical needs and includes a broad array of professional and non-professional services. Working with the physician, a personal plan is designed to meet the needs of the client. The in home care team includes an intake nurse, who provides an initial evaluation of the patient. After assessing the condition and needs of the patient, a team coordinates care, monitors progress closely and makes adjustments as needed. The result is, patients are well cared for and supported throughout the healing process.

Home Health Aids

Fort Tryon Center is licensed and approved to provide Home Health Aides when our patients wish can live at home but still require assistance with day to day living chores. Our Home Health Aides (HHA’s) provide personal home care to maintain our patients’ health and well-being right from the comfort of their own home. Home Health Aides provide assist with daily living activities such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, and other needs. All care is monitored and overseen by an assigned social worker and Registered Nurse.

Our Home Health aides provide assistance with the following:

  • Bathing, dressing and personal grooming
  • Food preparation
  • Monitor diet and nutrition
  • Provide personal care and hygiene
  • Reminders to take medications
  • Answer the telephone
  • Arrange appointments
  • Companionship and conversation
  • Receive home deliveries
  • Take walks
  • Light housekeeping

All personal care is provided by licensed and trained caregivers and is monitored by the Registered Nurse assigned to your case or your Therapist.

Long Term Home Health Care

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Fort Tryon Center offers LTHHCP (Long Term Home Health Care Program), also known as the Lombardi Program, is for people who are medically eligible to live in a nursing home for a long time, but prefer to live at home or with another responsible adult. Instead of going to a nursing home to get the help you need, we bring the help to your home, so you can stay there safely for as long as possible.   You must be eligible for Medicaid in order to get this service. Upon enrollment, a registered nurse will manage the case help you decide what services are needed to remain safely at home as long as possible. The nurse will make sure that all of the people providing help work together to keep the resident safe and at home.

Utilizing the services of Fort Tryon’s LTHHCP program provides three main benefits:

  • It helps avoid going into a nursing home or other institution before it is absolutely necessary.
  • It helps people who have been living in institutions  move back to the community;
  • It helps people avoid having to go to the hospital by giving them medical services in their homes and keeping them healthy.


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