Grandparents Day- September 10th: 10 Reasons to be Thankful for your Grandparents

Grandparents provide the purest form of love and affection children will see, and that is why we have a day to honor them every year – National Grandparents Day!

The first Sunday after Labor day was declared a day to honor grandparents all over the country by Jimmy Carter in 1978. With its own flower and song, this day is a wonderful way to show your grandparents how grateful you are for their love.

Need some reasons to be thankful for your grandparents?

They Offer Unconditional love

Nothing can compare to a grandparents love. From the moment you are born, they are filled with unconditional love for you, and it doesn’t ever fade.

They are Always Willing to Listen

They always have time to listen to a story and tell you one. They’ll want to hear all about your day, and help you explore your imagination with your tall tales.

They are Living History

They are living history. They know the history of your family and where you come from. They can tell you all about your great-uncles and aunts you never met, what life was like before you were born, and stories about your parents as kids.

They Have Time to be Present

Since grandparents are often retired, they have the time to be present when they’re with you. They can take the time to listen and respond, unlike parents who are often rushing home from work only to take care of the house chores.

They are Wise Teachers

They’ve been around the block and seen quite a lot by the time you’re born. Grandparents are, thus, great teachers. Not only can they help you navigate your life, but they can also share stories of events they’ve experienced so you can learn from their mistakes.

They are the Keeper of Family traditions

Grandparents are the keepers of family traditions. They remember how things were done when they were children, and they want you to learn from them so you can keep the tradition going.

They Help you form your Identity

You can learn all about your cultural background from your grandparents. Where does your family come from? If your grandparents were immigrants, your grandparents would have stories about different cultures and countries as well!

They are Wise

They’ve experienced their life, and now they can help you learn from their mistakes. Grandparents can be very wise, looking at life from a different perspective. Take the time to learn from them while they’re around.

They Offer Care and Support

Grandparents are physically available to take care of you when needed. Probably from when you were a baby, they’ve been babysitting you, and regardless of how old you get, they’ll always want to help you out.

When the tables turn and your grandparents need you, don’t turn your back on them! Be as supportive, loving and kind to them as they have been to you. National Grandparents Day is a great way to show your grandparent how much you love them, and whether you do something as simple as visiting them or as grand as making larger plans, they’ll love that you thought of them on this day.

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