Stroke Rehabilitation: What to expect when recovering at Fort Tryon

According to the American Heart Association, more than half a million people in the U.S. survive a stroke each year. Finding a stroke rehabilitation program early is critical to relearning skills and regaining independence, but perhaps just as important is finding the right stroke rehabilitation program that meets your particular needs with a customized approach to your care.

Fort Tryon has been at the forefront of stroke rehabilitation for years and is the preferred choice for many who have experienced a stroke. We understand the challenges ahead of you and we have the expertise and resources to help you recover to your optimum level.

The Challenges Ahead

After a stroke, you may face a variety of challenges depending upon the area of the brain impacted by the stroke and the severity of the stroke itself. These may include:

  • Emotional issues such as fear, depression, severe frustration over inability to function as you were;
  • Paralysis, balance issues or difficulty controlling body movement;
  • Cognitive impairments, memory loss, attention/comprehension problems;
  • Difficulty swallowing;
  • Loss of ability to speak, read or write;
  • Urinary or bowel incontinence;
  • Fatigue;

Often, a degree of ‘spontaneous recovery’ occurs following a stroke in which some of the physical, communication and cognitive impairments begin to show improvement as certain brain cells recover.

Our stroke rehabilitation program not only enhances this recovery but builds upon it through the expertise of our rehabilitation specialists; we also add to your adaptation process any adjustments necessary in your lifestyle as a result of residual limitations.

Why Fort Tryon is the Preferred Choice

Our specialized stroke rehabilitation program offers a comprehensive approach consisting of medical care, nursing services and rehabilitation therapies tailored to your exact needs and current situation. The stroke rehabilitation program is physician-directed with targeted goals established for each patient. Our rehabilitation team, in concert with you and your physician, collaborate on the specific treatment plan to be followed so that everyone understands the therapies to be utilized and the projected outcomes of each therapy.

Our team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists is experienced in neurological rehab; they help individuals achieve their highest level of independence utilizing a variety of results-oriented strategies to improve physical strength, cognitive functioning and speech/language abilities.

Fort Tryon’s physical and occupational therapists combine the most advanced treatment modalities with state of the art technologies to enable individuals to achieve their optimum potential. They initiate exercises to improve the strength and coordination of muscles, range of motion exercises to reduce spasticity and improve muscle function, and work one-on-one with the patient for up to three hours per day in a prescribed therapeutic regimen. In addition to word comprehension and social communications skills, our speech therapists work on a variety of stroke by-products such as slurred speech and swallowing issues. Fort Tryon’s program assures that every aspect of your rehabilitation is thoroughly managed.

And we do more…

  • We work along-side your neurologist to coordinate your specific recovery plan.
  • We coordinate with your psychologist so that all psychosocial matters are addressed.
  • We help patients with wheelchair adaptation and positioning.
  • We hold bi-weekly exercise classes coordinated by our activities director for post-stroke patients and even those discharged home.
  • We educate the family so that a complete understanding of the patient’s progress and ongoing needs is achieved.
  • We prepare patient and family for a safe discharge home by providing activities of daily living training, family education, and continuity of care so that the patient remains with the same therapists at home following discharge.

Even though the duration of rehabilitation varies depending on the severity of symptoms and responsiveness to therapy, it’s good to know that Fort Tryon’s stroke rehab program is here for you…short term or longer.

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