Cardiac Rehab: What to Expect

Regaining strength after cardiac surgery can sometimes be just as challenging as the surgery itself. Cardiac rehab, with the help of Fort Tryon’s trained professionals, can help patients resume their life with confidence and independence.

What does Cardiac Rehab at Fort Tryon Look Like?

Cardiac rehabilitation programs can last between one to three months. Patients work with a team of healthcare professionals who specialize in areas of cardiology and rehabilitation, to develop a program that will allow them to regain their strength in the best manner possible. Therapy sessions can be between 30 minutes to two hours of each therapy, and are fully customized for each of our residents.

  1. Medical Evaluation

Ongoing medical evaluation allows the healthcare team to understand the patient’s physical abilities, medical limitations and manage other related conditions that can impact their recovery, while also evaluating risk factors for heart disease or a stroke. All of this information is used to continually tailor a personalized treatment program for each patient.

  1. Physical Activity

Patient’s enjoy an active time while at Fort Tryon. They participate in one-on-one rehab and other endurance activities to increase their fitness levels. We will tailor a program that is both challenging, and achievable, to help each patient recover their full strength including speech therapy, OT and PT. Our state-of-the-art rehab gym, with its panoramic views of New York City, will certainly help.

  1. Lifestyle Guidance

Patients are provided guidance on nutrition so they can lead a healthy lifestyle once they’ve left the rehab facility. Proper nutrition will also help them shed excess weight, and decrease their intake of cholesterol, fat and sodium. Lifestyle changes are vital to full recovery, and we provide support to those wishing to break unhealthy habits, such as smoking, or those learning to manage pain.

  1. Ongoing Support

It takes time to adjust to a serious health condition. Patients suffering from anxiety or depression are provided with a support system that allows them to adjust.

Fort Tryon’s goal is to provide patients with the best healing care, and allow them to return to their lives prepared to transition into their new lifestyle. Our customized rehabilitation program can help boost your recovery after a traumatic surgery.

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