At Fort Tryon this July!

At Fort Tryon, we encourage and support our residents’ desire to be active and engaged with activities they enjoy. We plan a variety of activities throughout the month to ensure that they would not get bored and that they would consistently get the mental and physical exercise that they need. Our staff members are fully trained to help our residents with these activities.

Some of our activities planned for this July include Group Drumming; which helps induce relaxation and creates a sense of connectedness between all our residents, Park Trips; which allow our residents to step out and get some fresh air and get in touch with nature with the assistance of our staff, and we also have some Zumba lessons to keep our residents fit and active. We also have table games, art therapy sessions, movie time and everyone’s favorite competitive game, BINGO. To keep our residents in touch with their religious beliefs, we also hold the Holy Rosary and Oneg Shabbat for our Jewish community.

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